It is not uncommon spotting absolute hunks roaming single. Now, while reasons could be anything between workplace competitions and financial crunch, there is something that often gets overlooked. This is their problem with getting cozy in bed.

Frigidity to women compares to premature ejaculation in men. Both feel inadequate and defective due to such disorders; the funny part is, neither seeks a worthwhile solution to the problem. But then again, almost every woman faces frigidity as much as men feel premature ejaculation, at some points of their life. That’s absolutely normal; the problem starts when things keep occurring on a consistent basis. This is the time when reasoning and logic goes over boundaries; as a result, deadly measures as self-hypnosis and tying elastic bands are given a freehand. The more levelheaded heads for various medications – mostly those meant for erectile dysfunction – and these are downright dangerous if not taken according to a physician’s recommendation. Besides, they won’t keep things from flowing out.
Johnson & Johnson premature ejaculation drug focuses specifically on delaying ejaculation and is the first drug of its kind to address the problem. The clinical trials of Priligy – as the drug has been named – proved it to be capable of tripling the ejaculation time in men. While it’s definitely a boon to those lasting around 10 minutes normally, it is not so for them staying hard for under two minutes. And this proves another point.

Priligy is just a supportive therapy, not curative. Premature ejaculation is just a symptom of some other disorder, which is not exactly in Priligy’s hands to cure. To draw examples; it will be like gulping painkillers to subdue the pain from a fracture. In this case, the fracture must be dealt with first while painkillers are to be administered to lessen the pain; similarly, one must find out what’s causing the PE and treat it while using Priligy to build up the practice of holding back. Else, you will need to depend on it to boost the levels of serotonin (a neurotransmitter responsible for basic body functions, including libido) every time.

This is because there is a small area in the brain stem (nucleus paragigantocellularis) needs enough serotonin to hold back ejaculations; when the body forms a habit on the medication for an elevated serotonin levels, it is dangerous.
But then again, what are the chances of this drug shaking the confidence of those who are perfectly normal? We are greedy, so taking the drug just to increase a normal timing might just develop into a habit, thus destroying the normal staying power in a man. As it is most of us, men, are just not satisfied with the length of time they go usually; won’t this drug create a psychological dependence?

This is where one must see sex from a psychological angle rather than physiological. To some, sex is all about insertion and spewing out; to some, it’s something that must be done while to a handful, it’s art. Art is always judged by its form and intricacy not by its dimension. However, even arts need props sometimes; so if you can grow into an artist with occasional usage of props, nothing can prove better than that.

According to Urologist Michael Werner, M.D. it is them who ejaculate faster who always worry about ejaculating faster. This is not the way sex is supposed to be, so PE has a medicine to start with. The rest, are supports.