Prolonging sexual encounters is all about ejaculatory control. Lack of it once you cross 50 is normal; ejaculating within seconds and being 20-something is not. And a funny part is: they will hold back as long as oral and manual stimulation may go but not even a few minutes with the proper intercourse. Now, this certainly doesn’t apply to someone undergoing his first sexual encounter, but over the 7th or 8th one, it might mean trouble.

However, just hoping to last for 25 minutes doesn’t make anyone last 25 minutes; one needs to work for that. The idea is outrunning the time a woman takes to reach orgasm and that could be anything between 13 and 30 minutes. In that case, even a 20-minutes-up may or may not turn out worthy. So foreplays are essential and they make women climax better than vaginal sex. Go on for those 20 minutes after you climaxed her; there should not really be any more problem; unless she expects more in terms of coital thrusting.

Now, to gain those 20-minutes, you need to make yourself forget first that basic code of sex is for progeny. Apes ejaculate within seconds, because it’s not recreational to them. But that little primate bent of mind still exists in the subconscious and its natural to ejaculate quickly after coitus initiates. So, nothing such as normal staying time exists; you stay up enough time to outrun your partner or you don’t. So, it’s also the neuromuscular fatigue that also needs being addressed and nothing does that better than ayurvedic supplements.

Ayurveda sees premature ejaculation as vata – one of the tri-doshas – related complication. PE occurs when Vata is aggravated. Vata characterizes anything offering quick and heightened sensitivity; in this case, it is obtained through the sense of touch. Vata predisposes quicker ejaculations and an irritated vata makes ejaculation happen even at modest touch. Fear, anxiety and nervousness are symptoms of vata dosha; it also causes high cholesterol, blood vessel damages and weak sphincter.

The change comes through diet but you do not change it overnight. Just replace a few things with or introduce as new add-ons like almond milk and saffron (10 almonds soaked overnight in water and crushed in hot cow’s milk with pinches of saffron, ginger and cardamom), pure herbs (like ginseng – a stronger version of ashwagandha; ½ teaspoon in cup of warm goat’s milk after major meals does wonders) and herbal mixes like that of aswagandha, gokhura and guduchi. However, it is always better to let a professional make the mix or to avail prepackaged herbal capsules with such compositions.

However, ayurvedic remedies set the fields right for the games to continue and regular massages to the penis will improve blood circulation, stimulating the muscles. This shall help the penis get used to stimulations; for best results, it is 10 drops of coconut oil in 1 ounce of sesame oil (or castor oil, if you want it any thicker). This should be used as massage oil an hour prior to sexual intercourse. A thorough wash is essential before sexual encounter.