Often people want too fast outcomes, but you cannot master the squeeze or the pinch just one fine day and expect outcomes to show. You must build up some idea on the timing of the squeeze, its intensity and duration and most of all, the willpower to apply it.

The pinch or the squeeze yields almost same results, so find out which one you are more comfortable with. As for the squeeze, it’s a fairly firm pressure applied with the thumb on the penis head whenever there is an urge to ejaculate. 10 to 20 seconds is the normal span to hold the pressure. At the same time, the index finger wraps around the bottom of the penis head; it pushes some of the blood out and decreases momentarily the sexual tension. This represses the ejaculatory response in turn.

While with a partner, the squeeze technique requires the other person place her thumb on the underside of the penis, along its length, the thumb’s tip applying pressure beneath the glans. The index and middle fingers grab the shaft around and held for 4 seconds before releasing. Done as a part of the foreplay, it helps increase the length of intercourse episodes significantly.

Men often do not find the technique fruitful since doing it alone sets in fair amount of boredom. As a part of regular lovemaking sessions, 15% of increase in ejaculatory time is attainable within a week’s time. That’s a full 9-second to every minute.

To find out if the pinch and squeeze method will benefit you without any added medication and that your PE is actually a passing phase; check your free testosterone level, which should be more than 300ng/dl of blood. This will also ensure that the PE is not due to a faulty prostate, which discharges its contents all too soon.